Architectural Services | Architect In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Kamalam Construction can deliver large vision solutions  for architectural services such as Master-planning to much
more detailed concepts such as furniture configurations, 3D interior design layout. Our
experience will enhance the end concept from large offices to single family residences.
The success of every project is a direct result of the fundamental key ideas created at the
inception of design.

“Good design has the power to enrich life and facilitate a buildings purpose. We strive for clarity of the idea in all our solutions”.




Our process initiates with careful listening and thoughtful interpretation of our client’s
needs and desires generating an architecture that is both responsive and challenging.

Why are the Architectural Services Beneficial for you?

Our would surely not want their house of office to be built without any design or architectural planning. This thing is for sure. When starting to think about your property’s functionality and design, the prospective homeowners experience one of their most important life-long decisions, and it’s very difficult to find the best architectural services in Lucknow. The typical human is projected to spend 70 percent of their lifespan indoors. Although some of this involves time away from work or with your neighborhood the majority time and experiences created inside the four walls of your property should be the best for you.  Keeping this in mind, this space must reflect your lifestyle, development, and needs.
Therefore, it is always very important to make sure that one should hire architectural services in Lucknow. We all know that an architect is an expert who is specifically qualified and certified to work on construction planning and designing. The aspects of the position of an architect are as varied and interesting as their work; these are practitioners who lead the cycle of designing usable spaces, from idea and design to the full execution of those designs into a property.
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